Friday, June 17, 2011

From Ohio To New York

My apologies for the lack of updates. Wi-fi has been selectively available and I've been playing catch-up; doing things the hard way due to the lack of my personal assistant and concierge, the iPhone.

Thankfully, Doug Snapp had an old iPhone 3 and gave it to me, along with some of his delicious "Dulcimer Blend" coffee, in Lancaster, Ohio.

Laura Elder orchestrated the day of workshops and concert, which was extremely well-attended. It was, by far, the biggest group I've had for "Performing For Others" and the overall response was enthusiastic, with a lot of folks ready to take their act to the public.

I had a great time hanging out with Laura, Marge Diamond, Mike Sutter and the other folks who joined us for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant as well as a post-concert jam. While camped at the site, I also managed To rope Laura into recording a tune with me for the RV Project: Official Album.

From Lancaster, I rode up to visit the Brouse Family in Wadsworth, only to find that they were at Epcot in my home town. Ha! But Danny was there, and we jammed and recorded a little bit as well.

From there, it was up to Mentor, Ohio to have lunch with Guy George and then an arrival in Erie, Pennsylvania for a nice stay with Michael Vickey which included breathtaking views of Lake Erie from his property as well as a great jam with Vickey and Mark Zimmer, a member of his Good For Nuthin' String Band.

Morning brought a little rain, but that didn't deter me from cruising up State Road 5 and ending up at spectacular Niagara Falls, a side trip suggested to me by Guy. Wow. What a magnificent sight and sound! I set up recording equipment and got a track of Native American flute with the roar of the falls in the background.

Which brings me here - after some detours of S.R 20, I checked in for the night at Sampson State Park on the banks of Seneca Lake in Romulus, New York. My first state park experience while camping and it is simply incredible. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this a reality.

In a little while here, I'll roll out for Vorheesville, New York in anticipation of tomorrow's day-long eventatt the Old Songs Community Center. Will check in again soon!

Sho na bish,

From iPhone with love.

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