Monday, March 28, 2011

A Musical Sorbet: Newmarket Polka

The far-off sound of cackling that you hear in the murky distance is me, experimenting, switch-flipping, strumography. It's nice to be in the lull zone and, you know what they say; I'd rather be in a lull zone than in a null zone. Because you know, they say that, you know.

Thanks for being the test group for some new music methodology that I've been conjuring. I am proofing as I go, so if something sticks out that ain't right, more than likely it's some forgotten setting in Tab|Edit.

As a sorbet separating that first sumptuous course of diatonic-friendly key studies and the inevitable divide that begins the second course, I present a happy little polka. This one caught my ear, and it goes much faster than the recording, but first - we play; then, we shred.

Newmarket Polka.mp3

Newmarket Polka.pdf

I'm working on a book of these tunes, which will focus on very accessible-yet-challenging pieces that are fun to play and sound incredible when you get them up to speed. Other tunes from the book include "A Boy's Lament For His Dragon" and "Johnny Don't Get Drunk."

Lots of recording going on right now - a great, rainy week for that! Bring the spring. Have fun and thanks again for visiting Nowhere, Nevada.



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