Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The benefits of Googling future purchases

Profire 610 serious recording bug. Not accurate
A loopback test with the Profire 610 shows that it has a serious random sample offset bug. The 610 is not consistently accurate in the sample start point when recording, meaning the start point drifts in time.
If you record e.g. a prerecorded track (1) out of output 7, into a new track (2) thru input 1 with a phono jack cable, you will see that each time you reopen the project or restart the host program, repeat the process and record the same track again, the start time will never be the exact same as last time when zooming into sample detail. It is drifting randomly by a few to many samples left or right arbitrary. Which means it is not able to do "sample accurate recording" as of today.

After skimming through this entire thread - it's become clear to me that the M-Audio ProFire 610 is NOT going to be the way I go.

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