Friday, August 15, 2008

Mohave Gigs

Summer's almost over, but we're just getting warmed up!

First off - the long dormant website is back, no thanks to the bureaucrats who controlled our old domain. So, a new domain, was created. Same stuff on the site, music, pictures, show schedule, orgins, videos, etc., but it's just not run by people bound up in red tape.

Secondly, we've got a couple of gigs in October that we'd like to point out early, so you can hopefully make the plans to come out and get tribal with us! First one is October 4th at the Winter Garden Music Festival. It's a three-day festival and we're on the main stage on the second day, 5:15 p.m. Watch this space for any potential schedule change. This is a fun, family-friendly festival and tons of great acts will be there.

Then, we've got Muddy Gras coming up in St. Cloud, October 18th. This is going to be a fun and ROWDY event, so all of you redliners show up and get your groove on.

There are more dates to follow as we enter the busy season for the band. I'm still traveling solo, but festival season is starting to wind down ever so slightly - enough to where Mohave is looking at recording a brand new album. That's right! It's been three years since "Clear Blue Trickling" came out and it's about time we got in gear and did something new in-studio. We'll have snippets as they take place.

For now though, enjoy the rest of the summer and we hope to see you at a show real soon!



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