Monday, July 21, 2008

Kokopelli Rising - Music, Words and Images
The new album from Bing Futch takes you on a tribal trip of rhythm, melody and harmony. Featuring all original tunes (one traditional) and an eclectic mixture of instruments, "Kokopelli Rising" is a spiritual journey that intertwines traditional vocals with Native American Flute, Appalachian mountain dulcimer, strings, horns and percussion from seven different countries. It's a melding of the old culture with modern ways showcased over the course of an hour through ten free-flowing tracks

Eventually, I will finish out my road trip blogs, but it's been a crush to wrap production on the new disc, which is officially finished here on this Monday.

"Kokopelli Rising" is a bit of a departure for me, but very close to home at the same time. While there's mountain dulcimer on four tracks, the rest of the album is mostly Native American Flute, percussion, vocals and keyboards controlling both software instruments and external synthesizers. Many people have asked me if any of my records had Native American Flute on them, and I'd have to say "no" so many times, I was starting to wonder "why not?" Time, or the lack of it, has been the main reason, so once I got off the road, the time became now and I got in gear to complete the CD, which was actually started late last year.

There are samples of the tunes at the link above.

Now, I'm heading off to Redwood Dulcimer Day this Wednesday and will be in California until Sunday. When I return, it'll be time to continue work on "Dulcimerica: Volume Two" and the as-yet untitled Christmas album that I've been planning for several years.

I'll probably catch up with the road-tripping blog while, er, road-trippin' this week.

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