Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dulcimer Players News - Summer 2008 Edition

Dulcimer Players News - Current Issue
The Summer 2008 edition of DPN features our most daring cover yet. It was painted by award winning artist Karen Cannon. Read the Editor's Column for more on this action capturing illustration of a couple of our favorite dulcimists, Bill Robinson and Bing Futch. Between the covers you'll find the usual quarterly dose of music, stories, instruction and festival guides to keep you connected to the ever changing dulcimer tradition.

Contributors to this issue include Rebecca Askey, Ken Bloom, Chuck Boody, Christie Burns, Sue Carpenter, Heidi Cerrigione,Joe Collins, Gary Gallier, Nancy Garrett, Jeff Hames, Stephen Humphries, Grahame Hood, Marya Katz, Dan Landrum, Joshua Messick, Roger Nicholson, Butch Ross, Steve Schneider, Mark Shelton, Ralph Lee Smith, Neal Walters, Mark Alan Wade, and Andy Young.

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