Saturday, December 02, 2006

Crazy Feels Like

"However, to create a new cosmos (order), the old cosmos must be turned upside down. Thus the Magician Hermes is the Lord of Contradiction. First, he is himself a contradictory figure: trickster yet savior, king of misrule yet obedient to justice, deceiving orator yet honest prophet, illusionist yet revealer of truth, fraudulent conjurer yet genuine mage, thief yet honest trader, diabolical yet angelic, material yet spiritual." - Pythagorean Tarot - Magus

I'm having issues
a year subscription's worth
I'm causing drama
in a way unbecoming to a gentle soul

Losing function
in the gray matter battlefield of my brain
here it comes again
at the start of the circle, everything's the same

this is what going crazy feels like

I'm hearing voices
they're ringing in my head
I'm seeing writing
on the ceiling at night
while I'm tryin' to sleep

I'm feelin' cold hands
running over my skin underneath the sheets
here it comes again
at the end of the circle everything repeats

this is what going crazy feels like
you've shown me the way
so this is what going crazy feels like
it feels okay

I think I like it

I'm seeing angels
they always follow me
they're tricky devils
and they think I'm stupid, that I do not see

I am afflicted
with a deep desire to kill the pain
I am addicted
to the madness

Music and lyrics by Bing Futch
Copyright © 2006 J.O.B. Entertainment Inc.

I've been working on this song for the past couple of days. It's not done yet, but I still wanted to post it somewhere, so it's playing on the page now.

For any dulcimer folks - I am playing in DAD, only rhythm -

"Crazy Feels Like"

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