Friday, May 20, 2011

Gearing Up

To bring you up to speed, so to speak, the Winnebago Warrior came home on Wednesday, May 18th. Fully insured, tagged, taxed and titled, the first stop was at Camping World, where I picked up some supplies and prepared to begin systems testing. After hooking up to shore power and city water, we checked things off the list as they proved themselves to be ready and able. DC 12 volt systems - go. Faucets and tanks - go. Coach battery charging - go. Propane gas leak test - go; no leaks. Refrigerator power - go. Range and microwave power - go. The only thing not working correctly is the generator and after about four hours and one rebuilt carburetor later - it's still not working. But that's okay; I probably will not need it this summer.

I have a couple more tests to run - on the water heater and furnace and then the final thing will be a full tune-up, oil change and all points inspection. She's driving like a dream, even at speeds up to 75 m.p.h., though she more comfortably rolls at a smooth 55 or 60.

The two photos in this post have been photoshopped; no vinyl signs have been affixed to the sides or rear...yet. But, after getting a fantastic price ($350), this will be a way of garnering additional promo while driving this big billboard down the road. Folks that see me driving through town may correctly assume that I'm there for a show and will, hopefully, look up the URL, find the info and come on out. It's just one more way of maximizing presence while spending so much time on the open road.

We are still receiving donations and will gladly accept them if you feel so moved. As little as $5 will go a long way towards these start-up RV lifestyle costs and you'll get a MP3 music package for donations of any size. Again, we thank you for helping with this incredible foray into crowd-sourcing. As someone put it on Facebook, "love bought this RV", and we indeed feel the love! To find out more about the donation gifts, visit THE RV PROJECT page.


We are about to add two stops on the tour; Stroudsburg, PA (June 19th-20th) and Louisville, KY area the weekend of July 15th. More details to follow!

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