Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Possum Daze

I had the unfortunate task of burying a couple of baby possums earlier in the week. Mom's been a hanger-round for quite some time and our dog, Bella, loves to sniff her out. She's wise to walk the tight-rope of fence around the yard perimeter. However, a litter of babies has made it a point to scamper around inside the fence, much to Bella's delight, though she doesn't do anything to them except for grab briefly and then watch, befuddled, as they play dead.

Still, they're none too bright. Either that or way too bold. I observed one climbing up a wavy stalk of flower, only to discover that there was nowhere else to go but back down again. Color me none too surprised to find two of them dead in our yard. I don't believe Bella got to them. Starvation seems to be the real culprit.

So, Jae noticed another one in the neighbor's yard today, foraging in broad daylight. Must be part of the same brood, I thought - so I scooped him up and put him where I sussed the nest must've been. Haven't seen hide nor hair of mama - so maybe this guy's on his own. Though I laid down some cat food for him, he seemed content to snap up junebugs for awhile before finally laying into some Meow Mix.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww they are cuter than I remember.