Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chord-building basics

IMMusic Inc. MIDI, Music and Keyboard Fun: Building Simple Major Chords
Once you have been working on your scales a bit, you can use that information to help with the formation of chords. Let's start off with a major chord.

Start with the root note of the scale. What's the root note you ask? Without going deeper into some other discussion, it's simply the first note in the scale. So in the C major scale the root would be C. In the D major scale the root would be D.

My friend Curt's got a cool blog with all kinds of great music theory info. Though coming from the chromatic world of keyboards, this is practical learning for mountain dulcimer as well (especially if you ever plan to begin, or are, playing chromatic dulcimer.) I've been busy this week getting "Mountain Dulcimer In The Band (Book 2)" completed - more on that later - enjoy this post!

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