Monday, September 15, 2008

Leu Gardens

Playing at Leu Gardens is great; the scenery is beautiful, the audience is always attentive and appreciative, the friends of Central Florida Folk always put on a great show. This one found me billed along with Matthew Sabatella and The Wyndbreakers. Actually, Ennis Pruitt was on the bill, but I knew of him from this great band and from years of going to see them perform at the Mercado (R.I.P.) on I-Drive. But Ennis did bring along Craig Thomas and it was very much a Wyndbreakers performance, much to my delight. Ennis even asked if there was a tune we could all do together, so we did "Soldier's Joy", which was a blast!

This was the first time I'd heard Matthew and I really enjoyed his presentation of American traditional music, both on guitar and on banjo. Matthew has a great voice and deep respect for the roots of folk music; I hope we cross paths again here in the state (he's from south Florida.)

Thanks to Central Florida Folk for having me out as part of this great program!

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