Wednesday, May 21, 2008

300 Subscribers and more!

YouTube - dread66mon's Channel

I just hit 300 subscribers on YouTube, and that's just people who have actually signed up to be notified about new videos. The number of people who simply cruise YouTube looking for material is probably larger than that since there is so much out there.

The two most recent videos I've posted are from The Dulcimerica Video Podcast and are from the Cumberland Gap Dulcimer Festival in Virginia. There will be two more coming soon from my trip to Townsend, Tennessee, where I performed at the Wood 'N' Strings Pickin' Porch and had a superb time visiting with Mike, Connie and Cherith Clemmer.

When I got back this week, there was plenty of video editing to do, not just for Dulcimerica and not just for Dulcimer Players News, but also for some local clients, since I won't be in town much after this weekend; there's Dulci-More 14 that I'm flying to this weekend and after that, Jae and I are heading down to Key West for our yearly anniversary celebration - this one will mark number four.

You know, as much as I love traveling and being on the road, it's so wonderful to come home again. Jae is a homecoming queen, knows just the right kind of kiss to deliver on the front lawn after I roll up, gives just the right length of firm and loving hug, says goodnight in the most warm and embracing way imaginable. Our brood takes turns snuggling up to me, Bella Dolce stands on her hind legs and jumps up on me; the cats, Sluefoot Sue and Blackjack Savage are more subtle, yet they are vociferous still and full of loving head-butts. When I'm away for awhile, it's easy to see the growth in our backyard estuary, from the herbs and water plants to the flower beds. Even the goldfish in the pond seem to have gone through some kind of growth spurt.

It's already Wednesday and I've been an editing fool, time is slipping past quickly. In the evening, it's been mixing the Manitou record with Roger Zimish - again, just chock full of things to do.

But I am blessed by God for all of these involvements and bright lights in my life. I'm truly thankful for the guidance that I've received over the past year and am delighted to witness the newest fruits as they grow heavy on the branches. It makes the next series of trips even more exciting.

More to come down the road - until then, be well and joyful, cousins!

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