Thursday, January 03, 2008

Blessings of the New Year: 2008

YouTube - Dulcimerica - Episode 55 - A Look Back At 2007

And it's flying already; it's the third day of 2008. How utterly wild. And so much has happened in these three days, well, it's the beginning of the the third day, so maybe I'm just being a little dramatic.

Still, so much has happened in these two days, I mean, it's like some kind of cosmic vortex opened up and said "alright, it's 2008, get yer GAME on!"

Roger Zimish and I have been mixing the Manitou album, "In The Garden", which we're aiming to get out by early spring. It's been a real joy to sit back and listen again to the music that was created in August of last year, and from a fresh perspective with the time that has passed. Several other recording projects are just about to begin or continue in the studio, including a record with John Hawk of Native American Flutes and mountain dulcimer. I've got a solo NAF/mountain dulcimer record planned called "Kokopelli Rising", which is kind of my theme for this year. And then there's the follow-up to my 2006 release "Dulcimerica: Volume 1." Although I released "Dulcimer Rock" in November, it's sort of a pre-release, as there are some more tracks that I wanted to mix and add to the list. So, I may dub it "Dulcimer Rock: Reloaded" and offer it free to anyone who purchased a copy of the pre-release. Finally, there will be a new Mohave CD sometime this year and, by request, my first record of Christmas songs. Of course, every year I vow to make a Christmas record, and every year I look up and find that it's December and nothing's been done. Perhaps this is the year where it's all different.

Gearing up for a brand new season of The Dulcimerica Video Podcast which will include a brand-new intro that I wrote and recorded this week along with a surprise outro theme recorded by Butch Ross. The year-end retrospective, episode #55, has been getting very nice reviews, including one from Jean Ritchie and George Pickow. Talk about a sweet blessing - I remember back in 1985, sitting on the porch of the Gold Trails Hotel in Knott's Berry Farm, strumming the dulcimer, looking at the cover of Jean's book and thinking, "man, I'd like to meet her someday." The power of wishes and dreams, right?

I'm humbled and honored by some of the nice things folks have been saying - from Everything Dulcimer to MySpace and Yahoo groups, in e-mails and on my voice mail. Every day, I thank the Great Spirit for the breath of life, the gift of music and the way of song. It's a joy of almost overwhelming intensity, so it's just natural to want to share it, because I'm at the Joy Buffet and I've just about had all I can heap on one plate. Thanks to everyone; the performers, the teachers, the listeners, the readers, the viewers and the doers; you've enriched my life beyond belief and I'm forever grateful.

Mahalo nui loa - onwards!

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