Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Looking Forward and Backward

What a crazy couple of weeks this has been! After the fair show, it all seemed to throw into super-overdrive as I stared down the barrel of a deadline to get things done before heading up to Ohio. There's been the matter of keeping on top of songbook shipping and then the finalizing of the companion CD, along with making accomodational arrangements for the journey (accomodational? does that word exist?) This trip is going to be a blast and I'm really looking forward to enjoying every moment. I'll be shooting lots of video and cutting it together on the road via The Dulcimerica Video Podcast, so be watching this week for updates.

As much as this is about looking forward - funnily enough, this trip has inspired a good look back at where I've been musically. See, back in the day, I was part of a Christian post-punk trio called Crazed Bunnyz that saw a lot of action on college radio and in underground print zines, and strangely enough, many folks remember this band and its music. The trio consisted of myself on vocals and guitar, Sean "Shaka" Harrison on vocals and Marc "Gadget" Plainguet on synth bass and vocals. It was a joke band, really - with only one live show to our credit - that got started with a four-song demo made in Marc's garage. Somehow, we managed to make enough of a splash in the Christian music scene where people, to this day, fondly remember and still play our music. That's very, very wild to me.

Regardless of being a Christian band or not - I was still a little rough around the edges back in those days and there was some friction between Marc and I. After he left the group and we both enjoyed solo careers, there was much carping back and forth in interviews about this and that. Thankfully, years later, I contacted Marc and we put it all behind us - in fact, we're planning on meeting up in Ohio next week for the first time since we parted ways. I'm really looking forward to it, and so apparently, is he.

This all began a little Googling to see what folks were saying, if anything, about Crazed Bunnyz and it really did my heart good to find some interesting stuff, including this post on the Arts and Faith forum. Also, a fellow named Tim who runs the Christian New Wave blog is planning a write-up on Crazed Bunnyz and said in an e-mail: "Crazed Bunnyz was ahead of it's time and was totally cutting edge during those days. I love the group and was dissapointed that you guys didn't took off with a major record deal. Your group made Steve Taylor and Bill Mallonee's controversies over their lyrics tame. That was really radical! : ) "

Talk about mind-blowing and a blessing - for a musician, it really does your heart a well of good to know that what you did was appreciated and has some kind of longevity. Here, over twenty years later, it's really wonderful to know.

And now - if you can stand it - check out this little trip through the past in pictures:

Me and Marc from our "Nutty Faith" days - circa 1985

From left to right - Phil Poole (drummer), Craig Cook (guitarist) and yours truly - Johnny Quest - from 1987

No joke - the duo was called "The Bing And I" - Tony Karaa and The Bing - 1989.

Okay - I feel kinda old here. But lovin' life. I'm heading out for Ohio in the morning - will check in again soon!


Ken said...

Oh snap! That looks like "The Juice" huggin' on that nylon string.

Anonymous said...


Just thaught: hey, let me transfer some old tapes to cd - found my crazed bunnysz tape (musik klirrfaktor).
Still sounds pretty good! A classic.
Thanks, and hey, I wished you keep playing a punk guitar or a cheap keyboard! ;-)

Blessings, Reinold (Germany)

Bing Futch said...

Reinold -

That is wild, man! : ) Marc and I have been talking about re-mastering the old Crazed Bunnyz stuff; just need the right equipment. Quite a few people have written to ask about a re-release and that means so much to me.

I still do engage in my "punk" mode and would love to cover some stuff like "Physical Distortion" and "Shine, You're Scrambled." : )

Aloha - thanks for the smile!

Futch -