Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dulcimerica Video Podcast now in iTunes!

Whoa, seriously - production has been nuts around here, lots of video projects popping off the hard drive, which is good - keeps me off the corporate trolling runs.

The Dulcimerica Video Podcast now features its first bona fide episode and is currently listed in the podcast directory of the Apple iTunes store! To subscribe, all you have to do is click here and iTunes opens automatically and takes you to the podcast page. Or, you can simply browse for The Dulcimerica Video Podcast from the Apple iTunes store. Of course, it's free to subscribe, and you can also download videos directly from the page without subscribing, if you like. The benefits of a subscription are that you will always be alerted when new episodes arrive and using whatever podcatching software that makes you happiest, you can keep all of your podcasts together in one area of your computer. Less headache, more fun!

I've been busy booking shows for the spring and summer, even into the fall. It's going to be such an eventful year on the road and I'm really looking forward to seeing some new parts of the country as well as revisiting some favorite places! Given that so much of my work is done on the computer, it was decided that I needed a laptop in order to keep operations flowing from the road. Unfortunately, they're like, not cheap, and our flow of "extra money" - you know, the stuff that hangs low from the trees, is sort of non-existent.

So I made a big sacrifice - and actually SOLD my beautiful Masterworks 16/15 Chromatic hammer dulcimer. I know - wow. But the rationale went something like this: I spend most of my time working with mountain dulcimer and only take the hammer dulcimer out when I'm obscenely curious about it, which amounts to maybe four times a year. I figure that when I decide mountain dulcimer is really under my fingers good enough and that I want to expand my musical horizons (keeping in mind that I've still got a chromatic Dulcitar here that I have to explore more of), perhaps then, I'll go ahead and purchase another hammer dulcimer.

In the meantime, it's going to a very nice home in Idaho, where it will be played frequently by a wonderful lady named Linda who is really excited about getting it. And, with the proceeds from the dulcimer sale, I'm going to purchase that MacBook that I've been eyeing for some time and start enjoying the processing power of the Intel Core 2 Duo. (And, since it runs Windows software, I can enjoy some downtime by playing "Rollercoaster Tycoon", a habit I had to quit when my PC took a dump many years ago.)

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