Thursday, May 26, 2005

clear blue trickling.....

....standing on the precipice.

Just a little nudging left and the first of two albums is ready for duplication! Tonight's rehearsal will be spent listening to our 49-minute mix to see what, if anything, needs to be nudged.

Schedules nearly stopped us from getting the record completed this week. Monday's final recording session ran longer than we expected, but we got a lot of work done, adding Clay's trombone part to "The Miner And His Music" along with fixing some of Bunky's parts and adding some of John's harmonies. The rest of the week was spent organizing the tracks and laying in audio snippets to set the "stage" for the album. I wanted to give weight to the sense of story that threads the two CD's together. Without having something as obvious as a libretto or narration, I chose to use a smattering (what a great word, smattering) of sound effects that would help listeners to visualize the times and places evoked through the songs. Some native Americans here, a little casino noise here, some well-placed outtakes and specially recorded sound effects have been laid into the fabric and altogether, it truly is a stunning soundscape!

Some of the newer sneak previews will be up soon - but I'm just glad we got this done before Satuday's show at Hernando. With such a big crowd there, we're sure to move a few discs!

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