Thursday, April 18, 2013

Workin' It

I'm here in Decatur, Texas at the Perrin Limousin Cattle Ranch and I'm workin' like a cowboy to make some extra money and help out two of my dear friends.  I've always loved the agricultural farm life, although I've lived it only via county fairs and t.v. shows.  During the RV Project Tour, I got a taste of this life and agreed to come back as a full-bore ranch hand for a week as a part of Spring Tour 2013.  It's been a blast, herding cattle, stacking feed, milking cows, repairing fences and rain gutters.  I'm getting some cool and interesting work experience while getting paid (always a plus!) and still plotting the details of not only spring tour but the release of "Dive!"   Stay tuned for more pics and details!

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