Monday, March 15, 2010

The Mail Must Go Through

It's been a curious period of "workation" this past week as I put the finishing touches on "Mountain Dulcimer In The Band (Book 6)" with Robert Force as a house-guest. Robert had been down in Key West visiting my in-laws Sheri and George, remaining for George's 60th birthday party. Jae, our friend Nedra, and I drove down - partied like you do, bringing Robert back with us as he continues what I've termed his "Wellyn Walkabout." It was nice to hang with Robert at our casa; we've hung out in many different parts of the country, from Colorado to Kentucky to Key West, but here - he was seeing something that not many people see: me at home. On deadline.

Since beginning the MDITB series last January, it seemed that I'd be publishing the editions in pairs twice a year. With my A.D.D., projects come fast, furious and with intense focus or else they simply don't get done. Robert watched in amazement as I engaged in marathon rehearsal, recording and book layout sessions, finishing up the book in a couple of days. In between, there was lots of cigar-smoking, drinking, meals, a trip down to Disney and my gig opening up for Larry Mangum (ably assisted by John Henry Gates on fiddle and Woodie Berlin on bass and harmonies) at Langford Park in Orlando. Central Florida Folk presented the show, which took place outdoors on a beautiful Sunday afternoon under a pavilion on a nature boardwalk. Mangum's performance and tunes were a lovely thing to behold.

Now, with Robert on a bus for Gainesville (he'll return in a couple of weeks with family in tow), I'm back into full-on work mode, preparing to ship book 6 tomorrow and getting ready to leap back into production on "Dive!"

It's a blessing to be busy - it's good to have requests for your service, especially in today's economy. I'll never take for granted this opportunity to pursue what I love.

This Week's Shows

It's St. Patrick's Day on Wednesday and I'll be at McWell's Restaurant & Bar along with Doc Williamson and Roger Zimish from 7-11 p.m. Then, this Friday and Saturday I'm back at Dicey Reilly's Irish Pub for another couple of nights at my favorite Celtic hangout. Music begins at 7 pm.

Hope everyone has an especially fantastic week!

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