Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Can it get any colder? (Don't ask that question)

It's cold as a penguin's bottom here in Orlando, Florida and that's a luxury. Tomorrow, I'm on a plane bound for Bardstown, Kentucky where the aforementioned bottom has stuck to the ice.

Though I've been to Kentucky Music Week a handful of times, as well as the Kentucky Music Weekend, this will be my first Winter Weekend with KMW and it's looking like the snow that we didn't have down here for Christmas. Makes me wish I owned one of these jobbers that hoss is wearing in this picture.

This month is full of craziness, lots still to do in preparation for the Key West Dulcimer Fest plus a good amount of travel, not only this week, but next week (NAMM show and Winter Dulcimer Fest in California and Pennsylvania respectively) as well. Throw in a couple of gigs at Dicey Reilly's and you can see how I'm scrambling for time.

Nevertheless, I'm trudging through the day-to-day of administrative musical stuff and finally got my Reverbnation page chugging along. I began setting it up some time ago, but have been hanging back with my arms folded, waiting to see what good it might do. Same tactic that I used with MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. There are so many gorblimey choices and, if you're not careful, you'll spend all of your time updating countless profiles designed, ironically, to save you time. But Reverbnation has turned out to be a heavy hitter and it's becoming quite clear just how useful the site truly is. One day, all the portals will flow into one. For now, we network our various streams and hope that people don't get lost in the voluminous tubes of these wonderful "internets."

Speaking of YouTube, there's a new season of Dulcimerica starting today with an upload in the pipeline for episode #147.

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