Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Had a great time at the Winston-Salem Dulcimer Fest and this is the first video of many from the weekend. A funny thing happened on the way back from North Carolina. After boarding the plane, the pilot informed us that violent storms in Atlanta had grounded the flight for a while; we'd be stepping off the aircraft pending further notice (because the air conditioners on the ground couldn't handle the strain.)

As I grabbed my dulcimer bag, I noticed the pilot had a small open case with a mountain dulcimer and he said, "hey, I know you." Turns out, I know him from YouTube:

So, while he waited for the call from his dispatcher to get everybody back on the plane, we sat together in the terminal and jammed; me on dulcimer, him on dulcimer and harmonica. I must say, there were some strange looks from some of the other passengers and I told him, after he got the call and we headed back to the aircraft, that some of them probably suspected the flight was delayed in the name of music.

Small world, huh?

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