Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Music and love is flowing

I woke up Friday morning and went down to the Ohio River, took off my Crocs and dangled my feet in the cold water while sipping coffee. The muddy brown expanse slipped past me, the occasional flotsam and jetsam bobbing along in the terrific current. Down the banks a bit, the Executive Inn, rumored to be closing, jutted out from the foliage. Last time I was in Owensboro, it was for the Ohio Valley Gathering and we partied, made merry, a great deal in that hotel. Kinda sad to hear it may be going away (confirmed by newspaper this morning, the hotel closes on Monday.)

The first day of the Yellowbanks Dulcimer Festival was amazing; great to meet so many new and wonderful people, all commenting about how windy and warm the weather was. My workshops went well and I had a good time visiting with folks like Gary and Toni Sager, Steve Stapleton, Bob and Rose Taunton, all vendors that I'm delighted to run into at numerous festivals.

The evening concert was a revelation - I always enjoy seeing performances from folks I've seen before like Peggy Carter, Gary and Toni, Jeff Hames (whom I had to follow - nothing like a little pressure.) But what a joy to behold Aubrey Atwater and Elwood Donnelly and Kara Barnard! They rocked my world and I'm looking forward to taking some of their music home with me. It's going to be a busy night at the concert this evening, as Kara asked if I'd come up and join her during her set and Jeff and I worked out "Every Breath You Take", which we'll do as a bridge between my set and his closing set. Then we're all going to take the stage and do something as a group of performers. I don't jam with other performers in situations like these as much as I'd prefer - so when it does happen, it's a tremendously gleeful experience!

Now - onto reason number 2 that my wife rocks so much: she's patient and understands that she married a complete and total dork. She still loves me and is there for me even when I do things that make her wonder why she didn't leave me stranded in Key West that first date back in 2002. She'd be first to tell you that I put up with her as well - but these are my tributes to her in the blog this month - she'll have to start her own blog to give testament in my direction.

Busy day - make the most out of it and love a lot!

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