Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Great Show!

It's always a pleasure to play the Central Florida Fair and tonight was no exception. Thanks to all who came out and listened to the band. Got some great comments from fair workers, who hear lots of music come through there, as well as the sound guys. But most importantly, our dear fans who came out and supported us during this gig. Here's what our set-list looked like:

Set 1 – 6:00 p.m.

Ring-A-Ding (extended) – Bing Start
One Way Ticket – Bing Start
At The Fair
Flip Side (extended) – Bing Start
Tribal Groove (key of F#m) djembe, flute
F#m/A – Bm/D – C#m/E
Positive Vibes – Bing Start
Come On With Me – Gil start (floor toms)
Caught – Bing Start (watch ending – 1, 2, 3)

Set 2 – 7:00 p.m.

Time Bomb
Mary Jane’s Last Dance (Roger start)
Juke Joint Hen (key of Em) extended
Tribal Groove (key of Em) djembe, flute
Em/G – Am/C – Bm/D
Big Alligator
Run On (extended percussion breakdown)
Casualties Of Faith – Bing Start

Set 3 – 8:00 p.m.

Boy On Rock (extended) key of Em
House Un-American Blues Activity Dream – Roger start Tribal Groove (key of Am) djembe, flute
Am/C – Dm/F – Em/G
Music – Bing Start
Interstate 10 Blues (Key of G) Bing Start
Ring-A-Dingian Improv (slower tempo) Bing Start

The last set was changed up a little.

This was the first live show that my daughter Casey was able to see, and it was a joy to have her and her mom there. Also, one of my dulcimer students, Haley, came out with her brother Harrison and her mom Laura. There was also the man, John Beedle, of Beedle Promotions, and a number of good friends who came to hang out.

Afterwards, I got a much-needed spin on the Zipper and will be going back tomorrow for even more food and fun. The fair is where it's at!

Thanks again to everyone, most especially the band; it was a great run tonight!

Aloha -

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