Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Work, Work, Work, Hello Boys, I Missed You...

Guess the obscure quote from a comedic movie in the above subject line and win a free Mohave CD. By the way, huge thanks to the folks who have been going to CD Baby and picking up CDs left and right. We are now OUT OF STOCK, and have to send some more. That's a good bother.

I missed dulcimer jam tonight because of work - and won't be able to attend the Winter Dulcimer Weekend coming up Friday, because of money. Ironic, isn't it? But Nancy Barker, the organizer of the weekend and its much bigger and more famous cousin, Kentucky Music Week, emailed me and said there is still a chance I might be able to teach at the week long festival during the summer. That's encouraging - I really thought I had blown my chance.

In the meantime, I've been demoing like mad. Got a CD into the hands of another local drummer and the Backbooth in downtown Orlando is looking to book us. I'm thinking we might go out as a trio, just like the old days, until the full ensemble can get together. Many people forget the days of three Mohave members - but I see it like it was yesterday - in fact, it was, to a certain degree.

Bass player is coming over on Friday to groove through some material - and I found out that "Breaking News", the movie for which I wrote the song, is still in pre-production, but the writer is now flying to L.A. and meeting with an executive producer, so that's very good news!

The new version of the demo is on the Mohave MySpace account. It's a little different style of singing for me, but it was fun as all get-out to produce.

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