Thursday, February 17, 2005

Book 'em Dan-O, er....Jae

Two new bookings have popped up for gigs - one at Miami's Tobacco Road and one at what is increasingly becoming a "regular" place for us to perform: Hard Rock Live. Both gigs are in March and we're confirming details as we speak!!

In the meantime, we've got rehearsal tonight and we're working out a lot of new material that can be found on our lyrics page including "Artist", "Nine One One" and "The Irish In Me." That last song is already shaping up to be quite a monster, as the demo version has received numerous thumbs-up - and usually, my demos aren't for public consumption, if you catch my drift. (Think "suck")

Being back in the old Naked Headquarters rehearsal space behind Randy's house is a treat and the energy is wonderful. Here's to hoping the neighbors won't freak out!

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